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Pat411rick 1 day ago

Breakfast burrito

It's the perfect size for anyone waking up super hungry in the morning. And plus it's available all day

Brinner1963 4 days ago

Chili Cheese Fries

I've been coming here Sense it opened. Great food always and service is awesome! I come from Cerritos college area to eat here. Wish there was a Paul's place closer to me. Hint hint, maybe you should open one :)

H.Tung1688 5 days ago

Paul's California Burger

I have been here 3 times in the last 2 weeks, yet to fell to deliver. Not just quantity the quality is there every time, I'm going through the menu, seeing some of the customers ordered, I keep thinking I'm going to try that, but there are so many selections, it will take me a while to get to know all the food. Fast service and food are quick too, plenty of seating, staff are efficient, nice one.

Jewelsglowingskin 6 days ago

Carne Asada Burrito

First time customer my friend Lynette took me and said this was a winner for yummy delicious fresh hot food served right. I had the huge chopped beef wet burrito with all the trimmings inside and the sweet potato fries oh my, what a glorious combination and a ice cold soda to round it off. My stomach sang the praises of home cooked food. I took my leftovers home and shared my food with my husband and son. We're making a trip to Orange just to come and eat. They want their own plates. I highly recommend this Eatery!!

Dave 9 days ago

Gyro Sandwich plate

Been Paul's fan since opening Gyro and more are great.

Lizerd2113 9 days ago

Avocado Burger Combo

This is the best bacon avocado cheeseburger ive ever had! The bacon is perfectly cooked, and the fries are crispy and flavorful.

Guest 18 days ago

Bacon & Egg

So good!!!

Mjmcdonn 19 days ago

Hungry Paul's

This is my go to for Saturday breakfast. My eggs are cooked to a perfect over-medium. The pancakes are not to thick or thin, they are to cooked soft and fluffy, always just right with a slight sweetness without being overly sweet. I order my Hungry Paul with sausage, hands down Paul's has the best breakfast sausages, not skinny little links, but extra large. Enjoy it all with a bottle of orange juice. Great meal to start any day of the week! Thanks to all the hard working cooks and staff. Furthermore, appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep at this particular location.

Dustin 23 days ago

Colossal Burger Combo

It's the best burger ever i have so far!

Samanthamousser 24 days ago

Healthy Choice

You can't go wrong with Paul's Place. Everything on the menu is made with attention to flavor and is worth the cost! I absolutely love the Healthy Choice plate and they always modify my dish by swapping cottage cheese for avocado. All of their salads are too notch and their burgers are perfection! Thank you Paul's Place for satisfying my cravings and paying attention to quality always!

Dennis 25 days ago


The BEST fried zucchini in OC. They are the super Best very very and tasty The supervisor knows me very well She always treated me in a very very professional way of respect way Welcome back she always smile and greet in a very professional way.(can't remember her name) They served the BEST fried zucchini in the OC Try it out you will be very satisfied, one bite you will be saying WOW WOW and it always come with 2 ranch dressings

Ardelle.Castillo 28 days ago

Avocado Burger

The avocado burger from Paul's is the best compared to any other avocado burger I have ever had!

Angelina.Gibson 29 days ago

Gyro Salad

The feta cheese is amazing.

Angelina.Gibson 29 days ago

Greek Salad

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner....Love this place! They have such a variety of dishes to choose from and everything on the menu is delicious. Something for everyone. Big portions so easy to share a meal. I especially enjoy the salads where they certainly do not skimp on the important part - - protein. It is a fun place with the 50's music playing in the background and the friendly staff. This is definitely at the top of our list when trying to figure out where to go. The food is exactly as the pictures portray. You won't be disappointed.

Mateszkyle92866 about 1 month ago

Colossal Burger Combo

Killer burger definitely recommend it

Wallacejill3 about 1 month ago

Philly Cheese Steak

My first time at Paul's,and one word!! DELICIOUS!! I was very pleased with every bite, had to tell myself to slow down, I was eating it so fast,it was so good, bread was nice fresh, Every bite enjoyable I'll be back, and Ill pass the word on too.And another plus....very patriotic and done in a very nice way, very clean restaurant.Happy all the way around, can't wait to see what I'll order next time, I'm sure I won't be disappointed whatever I order.👍😊 Thank you,jill

Tommurray about 1 month ago

Pastrami Sandwich

If you enjoy a good pastrami sandwich with a ton of meat. Outstanding.

Ahporretta about 1 month ago

Club Sandwich

I love this sandwich! it's a classic Club and it's a triple decker. I eat half at Paul's and take home half for my lunch the next day!

Jjwagner101 4 days ago

Ortega Burger Combo

Whoever does the hiring at this place...bravo. Your employees are first class and the ambiance is perky and fun. My wife and I love eating there and always look forward to the experience. Keep it up.

Brinner1963 4 days ago

Club Sandwich

Always great food and service. I come from Cerritos college area to eat here. Wish there was a Paul's place near me

Jpdougherty2 5 days ago

Bacon Burger Combo

I added the peanut butter sauce for the shakes to my bacon burger. It was delicious. Reminds me of a gourmet burger place I used to go to in Bellflower.

Guest 6 days ago


So so good! My kids love this gyro too! -Sam H.

Memelords714 9 days ago

Jr. Burger

10/10 would eat again, my favorite place to go

Thomasson Me 13 days ago

Chicken Salad

Always fresh! The chicken is cooked to perfection. This is always my go-to meal at Paul's!

Cacarranza70 18 days ago

Pastrami Sandwich

The pastrami sandwich is by far one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. There's many places where the pastrami sandwich bread is just soaked with the juices of the pastrami that make the bread soggy, but in this case it's not like that. Everything about this sandwich is just perfect. It goes from bread, mustard, pickle, and then pastrami. Simple but tasty. Not just that but they literally pack the sandwich with pastrami, so if you're really hungry just order yourself this item. You can also save it and have it later, totally up to you. Now if you add ranch with it now that's a game changer! Best restaurant and customer service to goto for the best food your money can buy! I highly recommend it!

Terrylee511 20 days ago

3 Hot Cakes & Eggs


Bruthers2 23 days ago

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs Breakfast Plate

I can't eat the chicken fried steak and eggs morning noon and night very fresh hot delicious does not matter what they order it or what time best I've ever had Now I have other family members hooked on chicken fried steak and eggs thank you keep up the good work

Angel 25 days ago

Turkey Burger Combo

Very good Turkey burger thick and juicy...and they are all was fast with orders

Headbangingharry 25 days ago

Colossal Burger

I love Pastrami! And on a burger it's the bomb. Topped that off with it being a lettuce wrap (to eliminate massive carbs) and THAT'S the best burger in town.

Ardelle.Castillo 28 days ago


Every time I head over to Paul's the fried zucchini is a must! I love how they are big in size and the cheese on top is a great finishing touch!

Angelina.Gibson 29 days ago

Chicken Salad

I love this salad. Generous portion of protein.

Foster about 1 month ago

Cheese Omelette

Delicious home style food

Guest about 1 month ago


We love Paul's Place! Their food is delicious, staff is friendly and restaurant is very clean!

Karlsten about 1 month ago

Cheese Burger

This is a great tasting cheeseburger, maybe the best. Just 1 makes me full.

Rwlandin about 1 month ago

Avocado Burger Combo

I just had a great avocado burger today from your location. It was big, juicy, and really full of flavor. It was also very messy.


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